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The new David Watkins book documenting the historic 2020/2021 Leeds United Premier League season is now available! As in previous years the book will be available in Kindle and Paperback forms but is now exclusively sold on Amazon. Click the Amazon link on this page to see further details how to purchase.

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David Watkins retired from his role as a Finance Director in Industry in 2011 and since then has devoted himself full time to following his beloved Leeds United. He is a home and away season ticket holder and rarely misses a game. This is the 11th season he has documented his travels and the fortunes of the team, every detail, on and off the pitch.

LEEDS UNITED: A Wonderful MIshmash tells the story of the 2020/2021 Premier League season of Leeds United. It was perhaps the most unusual season of all time in that virtually the whole season was played behind closed doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic. David Watkins was, like 8,000 other Leeds fans only present at one game, the final game of the season against West Brom but, like many Leeds fans, he watched every minute of every other game from his sofa! And what a season it was!

The title is borrowed from the wonderful mishmash artwork of Alex Bennett but seems so appropriate as it was a season that contained just about everything! Leeds were suddenly every football fan's second team as they took the Premier League by storm becoming the entertainers of the division. There were big defeats, big wins, goals galore at both ends of the pitch and records set at every turn. At times Leeds fans feared relegation but by the end of the season Leeds sat securely in 9th place in the table just a few points shy of a European place in this their first season back in the top flight for over 16 years.

The book tells the complete story from the briefest of close seasons, through the shortest pre-season on record, through the Premier League season and includes every detail both on and off the pitch. It is possibly the most complete record of this historic season, with all the twists and turns of this iconic club once again documented against the background of a world pandemic and other world and British events.

All of the books are available from Amazon. They can be purchased  in Kindle version or print and the first few pages can be sampled by clicking on the "Look Inside" link on each book cover on the Amazon pages . Use the button above to check out the Amazon page.

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