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QPR 3 Leeds United 0

QPR 3 Leeds United 0


I had a feeling QPR would have too much for us in this first game – that confidence boosting win they had over a strong Watford side last weekend made many commentators sit up and take notice. Leeds also had a good win of course, over Atalanta but most Leeds fans, including me were still of the opinion that we were a few pieces short of a full jigsaw. Most fans you speak with are convinced we need another commanding centre back and another face in midfield, someone who can take charge out there. Until they arrive, and arrive they surely must, we looked likely to struggle against decent Championship opposition of which club QPR are definitely a member.

The manner in which we succumbed today was though very disappointing. We displayed so many of the faults that were evident throughout last season even though so many of the names were different. You have to ask questions about the defending for the first goal, not only the way Rob Green appeared to fluff his lines but even before that, how a Rangers’ man was so easily able to skate into our area and win the corner. And to mess up as early as the 4th minute was just so Leeds United. A new season, so much optimism all around, 3,000 plus Leeds fans in great spirits and voice and then bang; 4 minutes in and we are all thinking “We’ve been here before”.

Other faults we saw last season were evident too – had we been able to hit the target with the few chances we did create then maybe we could have got back in the game, but we squandered them all and registered zero shots on target as we often did last year. In midfield we cried out for that General, someone to control, direct and urge forward. All in all it was just too familiar.

Few players really did themselves justice although special mention needs to go to Ronaldo Vieira. He looked like a seasoned and polished old pro out there when many of his more senior colleagues looked anything but. He was unfortunate to give away the penalty when covering another big gap in our porous back line but was still my Man of the Match. Most of the rest were well below what we know they can offer.

At the end of the game it was appropriate that Sol Bamba gathered his troops up and ushered them over towards us to thank us for our support; it was perhaps less appropriate that some Leeds fans hurled abuse at them before being drowned out by the majority. A more general “What the fu***** hell was that?” chant aimed at the whole squad was entirely understandable as Leeds fans hopes and dreams for the new season were already looking hopelessly unlikely to be fulfilled.

We need those couple more new faces and they need to be quality. Then, together with Pablo Hernandez and more work on the training pitch it is to be hoped Garry Monk can pull this round; it is after all only one match in a long season. Embarrassment at Fleetwood on Wednesday though is unthinkable…

Game Statistics:

                            QPR                   Leeds Utd

Possession          43%                       57%

Shots                     15                          8

On Target                8                          0

Corners                   5                          5

Fouls                       8                         13

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