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Leeds Utd 1 Ipswich T 0

Wow! That’s what we’ve been waiting for! We bossed a game! I’ll just write that again as it looks so good; we bossed a game.

We’ve played well in fits and starts often this season but in every game, even those we’ve won, I always came away thinking how close the game had been and that, on another day, the opposition might have come away with the points. Today it was different, the only thought I had as we neared the end of this game was what a travesty it would be if Ipswich stole something in the dying seconds. Leeds took the three points today by right and the only criticism that can be levied on the team this week is we didn’t close the game out much earlier by converting one or more of the many great opportunities we created. In front of goal we still look nervous and most of what we do in that area is rushed. The hope though is that Garry Monk is gradually working his way through the side from back to front!

The work he’s already done and the players he’s moulded together at the back are certainly doing their job – it is years since we looked as solid at the back as we have done in this run of four wins on the trot and even when we’ve been under the cosh they really look the part. Today they didn’t have that much to do as the midfield ran the show even though Pablo was not quite as influential as he was in Cardiff and against Blackburn when he came on during the week. So, if the next few days are spent working on taking half chances and if that work proves even half as successful as the defensive and midfield work then watch out Bristol and Barnsley!

And a mention for Chris Wood too, I’ve been as critical as anyone of the big striker this season but today he put a game together that any lone striker would have been very proud of. He’s now got four in four and his goals have meant the difference in every one of those games but it was his general play today that took the eye as much as the way he was, as he often is, in the right place at the right time. I’m signing up to the Chris Wood fan club as soon as I’ve finished this write-up!

I’m starting to think that Garry Monk really does have some managerial quality too despite my reservations over his shortage of experience when he came to us in the summer. We are clearly improving game by game and are knocking off the challenges one by one – I really felt Ipswich would have been a tougher nut to crack than they proved to be, but the way we took them on made them look very ordinary. We now need to take the momentum and confidence down to Ashton Gate and do a job on them. Confidence is everything in this game and we must be overflowing with the stuff but so too will be Bristol after their demolition of Fulham at Craven Cottage today. They do concede goals though, so don’t bet against Woody making it five in five!

Game Statistics:

                        Leeds U           Ipswich T

Possession          55%                     45%

Shots                    16                         7

On Target              4                          1

Corners                 7                          4

Fouls                    15                        11

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